Thrace is a geographical and historical region in southeastern Europe now split between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. One of ancient Thrace’s greatest assets was the Danube River. Europe’s second largest river runs through this region providing direct access to Central Europe.

It was along the fertile Danube River plains of Bulgaria that the ancient Thracians, Greeks and Romans first planted vines from the Middle East. Eventually these V. vinifera vines spread throughout France, Spain and Italy.

Great battles lead by Spartacus and epic tales by Alexander the Great, Homer and Aristotle are rich with descriptions of the region and of the great wines in which they celebrated historic victories and romantic tragedies.

Through the Antiquity Curation wine series, we can reconnect with our ancestors. Their ancient stories don’t seem so distant as we swirl and enjoy wines from the same grapes and terroir. Perhaps as the wine rolls across our palates, ancient memories will be unlocked
as we share love, family, passions and celebrations.